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By Design                

Words and Music by Spencer Roth, Bobby Smith, and Jordan Watts                           


Verse 1:

Man was created for your glory

Life formed when you breathed out your grace

You lavished us with kindness like a father

Even when you knew we’d run away


Verse 2:

You work things perfectly together

You hold our lives and measure our days

Your eyes can see the end from the beginning

In spite of the mess that we have made



You love us by design

You’re the architect of true redemption

You love us by design

You drew the plan to save our lives


Verse 3:

Nails were sharpened for your suffering

A cross was crafted for your end

Somehow you chose to take them freely

Though you alone were without sin



Your love so fully measured

It pieces us together

Now we’re holy and wholly yours

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